Annual Lectures & Conferences

In addition to the extensive weekly seminars held in the Faculty of Social Sciences, each department hosts annual events on a variety of topics, most of which are open to the public.


The Federmann School of Public Policy and Government


Feher Policy Forum: Three to four gatherings take place yearly, bringing together theory and practice around issues that are on the public agenda. The forum invites guests according to the topic under discussion.


Department of Communication and Journalism


Annual Shoshana Blum-Kulka Memorial Lecture: Prof. Blum-Kulka was a faculty member of the Department of Communication and Journalism and the School of Education. Her main areas of research included discourse analysis, pragmatic development, and language education. The annual lecture is given by leading scholars in these fields.  


Department of Economics


The Annual Bogen Lecture: The Bogen lecture is a prestigious yearly event which presents contemporary research in the field of economics. It is attended by academics and students from the various economics departments in Israel as well as other researchers from the social sciences.


Department of Geography


Annual Departmental Event:  A one-day seminar during which several awards and scholarships are presented, including the Dov Nir Prize, the Shalom Reichman Prize, the Frances Gunther Scholarship, Prize for Outstanding Teaching Assistants, and prizes for excellence in geoinformatics. In addition, a ceremony for the David Amiran Scholarships takes place every March together with the Department of Archeology.


Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations: present this work to the wider public in order to instruct

First Harvest”: This conference presents outstanding seminar papers of the department’s students. The conference aims to provide a platform to those who have produce excellent work and to present this work to the wider public in order to instruct


Department of Political Science


Annual Lecture in Political Thought in Memory of Michael and Ester Avineri: This lecture was founded by Prof. Shlomo Avineri using funds from the EMET prize he received in 2013. A leading international lecturer from the field of political thought is invited to give a public lecture and to host a workshop for the department’s graduate students.


Department of Psychology


Harvest Day: This is an annual events at which the department’s researchers present their work.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology in collaboration with the Glocal


The Doran Annual Lecture: As of 2008 the annual lecture of the Doran Foundation has brought to the Hebrew University leading international academics who focus on population change, poverty, resources, and economic development. This lecture aims to present innovative research perspectives to the Israeli academic community and to inspire researchers and students to take an active role in these areas. 


Department of Sociology and Anthropology in collaboration with the Jerusalem Cinematheque


The Anthropological Film Festival: This unique cooperation between the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Jerusalem Cinematheque was launched in order to promote documentary films that portray the complexities of individuals and communities worldwide, the relationship between human and inhuman, and the social, political, and economic expressions of these relationships.


Departments of Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy


The Annual Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy In Memory of Yitzhak Rabin: This conference takes place every year in December. Dozens of research students from Israel and abroad present their research in various workshops hosted by Israel’s leading researchers and distinguished international scholars. The conference also comprises methodological workshops which are open to the public. 


Glocal Community Development Studies


Glocal Annual Event: Every March the Glocal program presents the learning and expertise of its students, also integrating Israeli professionals from the field of international aid and development.


Integrative Interdepartmental Program: Philosophy, Political Science and Economics


Jerusalem PPE Conference: This annual conference was founded by graduates of the program in order to promote interdisciplinary discourse on topics that are on the public agenda. The conference uses the concepts, methodology, traditions, and experience of the three disciplines (philosophy, politics and economics) and is attended by central figures from public service and industry as well as academics, policy makers, students, and graduates.


Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies


Annual “Research of Our Own” Conference: This unique conference takes place yearly around International Women’s Day in memory of the late benefactor Fred Lafer. It comprises lectures from our MA and PhD students about their research and aims to celebrate academic activity in the disciplines of gender and feminism.


Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations


Annual Carmon Lecture and Awards Ceremony: This event takes place yearly in memory of David Carmon, IDF officer and military attaché to Washington.