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The internship program of the Faculty of Social Sciences is designed to connect between theory and practice. It offers students a variety of internships in organizations relevant to their field of study as well as an accompanying academic course, thus linking the students’ academic training with the actual job market.

The program cooperates with major institutions and organizations in and outside of Jerusalem, such as:

·         The Knesset and the President's Office

·         Government Ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health, Interior, Communications, Science

          and Technology, etc.)

·         The State Comptroller's Office, the Civil Service Commission, the Central Bureau of Statistics

·         The Jerusalem City Council

·         JDC-Israel, the Jewish Agency, the Ruderman Foundation

·         Channel 2, Yedioth Ahronoth

These collaborations are intended to establish the Faculty of Social Science’s responsibility for the professional future of our graduates as well as our contribution to the fabric of public life in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular.


Head of the Internship Program: Dr. Keren Tannenbaum-Weinblatt

Program Coordinator: Ms. Neta Kaner

Academic Coordinator: Mr. Noam Brenner

Contact: huji_internship@aguda.org.il

In the picture: Graduation Conference of the Internship Program (June 2015)